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Woodworking Vacuum Pumps

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Republic offers vacuum application solutions for the woodworking industry:

Wood Vacuum Holding & Lifting

Many automated processes and CNC machines utilize vacuum throughout the production line. Vacuum is used to lift and move wood through a suction device, and is held in place during the routing process gripped by vacuum, often held on the CNC table. Stable and consistent vacuum levels are necessary to ensure a secure clamping of wood. Republic offers a diverse selection of solutions for vacuum holding and lifting including: claw pumps, dry rotary vane pumps, regenerative blowers, and centrifugal blowers.

Recommended Vacuum Pumps

wood holding vacuum claw pump woold holding dry vacuum pump  wood holding regenerative vacuum pump   wood holding centrifugal vacuum pump

Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump

Dry Running Vacuum Pump
Regenerative Vacuum Pump
Centrifugal Vacuum Pump


Dust/Scrap Removal

Sawmill chips and dust are inevitable as wood is cut, sawed, drilled, and formed. Republic’s Regenerative Blowers use vacuum to remove such by-products into a collection bin reducing the amount of dust and chips in the air.

Recommended Vacuum Pumps

Wood chip saw dust removal regenerative vacuum pump
Regenerative Vacuum Pump


Wood Drying

Vacuum drying is often the best option for chemical process industries (CPI) and other products that are sensitive to heat. Vacuum is used to lower the pressure, thus lowing the boiling point of water. This causes evaporation to happen much faster, and therefore the product dries quicker and without the direct application of heat. This process is especially good for porous materials such as wood, paper, pulp, and textiles. Republic offers solutions for wood drying using the Republic Claw Pumps.

Wood Drying Advantages

Drying using vacuum has several advantages.

  1. Less Energy Consumption = Lower Production Cost: Decreasing the pressure decreases the need for heat, which means less energy is consumed in the drying process. Less energy consumption means less money is spent in the production process.
  2. Less Drying Times = Reduced Production Time: The product dries in much less time, sometimes weeks less than direct heat processes. Less production means more output in reduced times.

Recommended Vacuum Pumps

Wood Drying Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump
Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump