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Republic Air Knife Drying Systems

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What is an air knife?
Advantages Applications Air Knife Styles Additional Options


What is an air knife?

An air knife is a pressurized air plenum with a uniform continuous gap which pressurized air exits in a laminar flow pattern. The exiting air velocity creates an impact air velocity directly onto the surface of the product to shear away moisture or particulates without mechanical contact. This impact air velocity can range from a gentle breeze to greater than 40,000 feet per minute.

Air Knife Working Principle

Republic air knives incorporate a tear drop design to minimize the internal turbulence of air entering the knife while projecting it in a highly controlled manner through the discharge. As air enters the knife, the lack of sharp edges within the knife minimizes pressure loss and turbulence while the air moves along the walls and is concentrated at the discharge.

Republic Air Knife Systems utilize Republic Centrifugal Blowers to provide 99.9% of product removal from parts prior to labeling, ink jet laser coding, packaging or other secondary operations. Each system is engineered to provide the most efficient and effective solution for your application.

Engineered, manufactured, and tested at our facility in Dallas, TX, Republic can insure the highest quality air knife system on the market. With control over the manufacturing of almost every component - from the blower impeller to the air knife brackets - you can be assured that your Republic Air Knife System will be the optimal solution for your specific application. 

Advantages of Centrifugal Air

Compressed air is highly inefficient and very expensive for drying applications. The horsepower required to create the flow necessary to achieve some success in such applications consumes an exorbitant amount of energy. Consider a compressor air system used to dry product on a 36" length span of conveyor. Running 24/7, this system will cost over $1,434 per week to operate. However, utilizing a Republic Air Knife System costs only a little over $104 per week to operate.

Not only is the Republic Air Knife System more efficient to operate than the compressed air system, but the results will be much more impressive with drier and cleaner product.

Contact us for a cost comparison analysis on your system and to have an air knife system sized for your specific application.




Air Knife Brochure


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Air knives have many applications, such as:



Belt Cleaning


Static Control, Air Curtain and Many Others

Parts, bottles, cans, food product, packaging, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, textiles, carpet, film, wire, cable, metal, tile, wood, flooring, and others. Debris removal, sawdust removal, confectionery and food topping removal, liquid blow-off, and more. Reduce static, remove unwanted liquid from product,  keep items from slipping through conveyor belt gaps, prevent hot air loss from oven, prevent cold air loss from freezer, and many other applications.
Watch Republic's air knife system completely dry a long line of soda cans. At :43 seconds, the video then shows a competitor's inferior system at work. As illustrated in this tile drying application, Republic Air Knives can be used to shear debris/moisture from any flat surface such as a conveyor belt. Watch our blowers at work. They pack the power for oil blow off.


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Air Knife Styles

Because all Republic Air Knives are made to order, we can create the perfect air knife to fit within your application and provide the best, continuous air stream. Each air knife is available in either aluminum or stainless steel and inlet sizes of 2", 3", or 4" to provide the maximum airflow.

Standard Inlet

Extended Inlet

Top Middle Inlet

Side Middle Inlet

Republic Standard Inlet Air Knife Republic Extended Inlet Air Knife Republic Top Middle Inlet Air Knife Republic Side Middle Inlet Air Knife

Dual Inlet

Dual Extended Inlet

Dual Inlet with
Dual Top Inlet


Dual Inlet with
Dual Side Inlet

Republic Dual Inlet Air Knife Republic Dual Extended Inlet Air Knife Republic Dual Inlet with Dual Top Inlet Air Knife Republic Dual Inlet with Dual Side Inlet Air Knife


Dual Inlet with Extended End and Top Middle Inlet

Dual Inlet with
Extended End and
Side Middle Inlet

Dual Inlet with
End and Top Inlet

Dual Inlet with
End and Side
Middle Inlet

Republic Dual Inlet with Extended End and Top Middle Inlet Air Knife Republic Dual Inlet with Extended End and Side Inlet Air Knife Republic Dual Inlet with Top and End Inlet Air Knife Republic Dual Inlet with Side and End Inlet Air Knife


Specialty Air Knives

Nozzle Air Knife

Dual Slotted Air Knife

 Republic Nozzle Air Knife

Excellent for applications where product has cavities or the nozzle is more than 6" from the product, the Republic Nozzle Air Knife provides precise blasts of air to remove water from the product. Republic Dual Air Knife For applications that require a second stream of air, Republic's Dual Slotted Air Knife offers the same options as standard air knives for inlet sizes and lengths.

Air Wipe

Republic Air Wipe

Used to remove moisture from wire, cable, or extruded materials, the Republic Air Wipe can handle product moving as fast as 1,500 feet per minute. The open jaw design eliminates the need for threading during a break or spool change, decreasing downtime and increasing throughput.


 Other options include (but are not limited to):

  • Externally Clamped Air Knife;
  • 90 degree bend inlet;
  • 45 degree bend inlet;
  • And others.

Air Knife Drawings - Republic

Drawings Available Upon Request


Additional Options

Republic offers many additional options to make your air knife system more effective and efficient.



 Republic All-In-One The Republic All-In-One Enclosed Air Knife System provides the most comprehensive and complete drying system in the market, including a centrifugal blower, motor, stainless steel air knives, and plumbing.

Overspray Enclosures

 Republic Overspray Enclosure Designed as a drop-in solution for existing air knife systems and conveyors, the Republic Overspray Enclosure eliminates safety hazards and corrosion while decreasing the noise level and increasing efficiency with spray containment processes.

Blower Enclosures

 Republic Blower Enclosure

Enclosures reduce noise and protect the blower from environmental factors, increasing the lifespan of your blower.

Republic Blower Enclosures are available in a multitude of options. They come standard in either aluminum or stainless steel. Depending upon the orientation of your blower, they can be high or low profile. The discharge can be flanged if necessary, and they can include gauges and control panels for ease of use. Because the enclosure is made in our own facility, it may be customized to meet any need.

Blower Stands

 Republic Blower Stand Sometimes, due to space concerns, accessibility, or a wet floor, the blower needs to be on a stand or mounted onto the wall. Republic offers custom blower stands to provide to you the most convenient access possible to the blower.

System Add-Ons:

VFDs/Motor Starters/Soft Starters

 Variable Frequency Drive for Republic Air Knife System Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Motor Starters, and Soft Starters provide energy efficient solutions that will increase the lifespan of your Republic Blower System by reducing the wear on the motor and blower. These solutions can be as simple as a start/stop button, or as advanced as a PLC complete with phone app which offers alerts and complete control literally at your fingertips regardless of your location.

Static/Dust Elimination Bars

Static Elimination Bar with Air Knife  Ideal for applications that create a lot of static or dust, Republic can add static or dust elimination bars to the application. The bar mounts directly onto the Republic Air Knife and comes with its own power supply. (Shown attached to a Republic Air Knife.)

Inline Power Supplies

  Often used in heated air applications, an inline power supply mounts directly onto the Republic Air Knife such that the power supply is at the source for easy and safe access.

HEPA Filters

Republic HEPA Filter  Required for most food applications, Republic offers HEPA filters to keep your plant FDA compliant. Republic's HEPA filters come in a canister made of stainless steel and electro-polished. Designed for minimal loss of airflow, the filter may be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Inline Air Heaters and Chillers

Republic Inline Heater and Chiller  Republic's Inline Air Heaters and Chillers are ideal for applications that require air to be heated or cooled. Complete with power supply, the heater/chiller mounts directly within the air stream to provide a turn-key solution within your air knife system.


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