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Republic Air Knife System Installation Guidelines

  1. Ensure that the blower is installed correctly and that it is rotating in the proper direction.
  3. The blower must not be more than 10 feet from the air knives. Rigid plumbing is preferred due to the pressure loss inherent in flexible tubing. Cracks and holes in flexible tubing will allow air leaks, reducing performance and possibly over-amp the motor.
  5. The blower must be free from external vibration sources.
  7. Mount air knives as close to the product as possible. All conveyor guide rails must be cut to accommodate the air knife slot. There must be no interruption in the air flow between the air knife slot and the product to be dried. 1/4" to 1/2" is the optimum distance at which the air knives should be installed from the product to be dried.
  9. Ensure the filter element remains clean. A contaminated filter element will decrease the life of the blower and eventually re-contaminate the dried product.
  11. Ambient temperature must not exceed 104°F to maintain motor warranty.
  13. Do not adjust the air knife gap without consulting Republic Manufacturing or our local representative. Increasing the flow will increase the motor amp draw and may damage the motor.
  15. Install the complete system in such a manner that the air knives do not spray water/liquid onto the blower, motor or inlet filter. This will reduce the life of the blower and motor and may lead to re-contamination of the dried product. A blower enclosure may be required. Contact Republic Manufacturing for information.
  17. Ensure that the belt is installed properly per the owner's manual.
  19. Ensure that the anti-backlash bolt on the belt tension arm is properly adjusted per the owner's manual. The tension spring is the only item that should hold the tension on the belt.
  21. Do not allow the blower to run at maximum RPM without a restriction in the air flow. A flow control valve, air knife, or nozzle is required.