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Republic Centrifugal Comparison Chart

Republic Sonic Paxton
Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

Ceramic balls always run cooler than steel balls prolonging lubricant life.

Vibration levels run 2-7 times lower than the same size steel bearings.

Service life of ceramic balls is 2-5 times greater than conventional steel balls.

Maximum running speed is 40% greater than steel ball bearings.

Steel balls will cold weld to steel rings even under normal load and lubricant conditions. This reduces lubricant and bearing life.

Reduced maintenance expense.

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Yes No No
16 Groove Micro-V Belt Wider belt contacts more of the pulley surfaces resulting in less slippage, lower heat, and longer belt life. Reduce maintenance expense. Yes Yes Yes
Steel Bearing Housing Standard (Electroless Zinc Plated) Higher tensile strength than aluminum giving better stability and lower vibration than aluminum bearing bore. Lower coefficient of termal expansion giving bearing a better fit in bore when blower is hot. Longer blower life. Yes No Yes
Stainless Steel Blower Pulley More wear and corrosion resistant than plated metal. Reduced maintenance expense. Yes Yes No
Steel Motor Pulley (Electroless Zinc Plated) Three to four times the weight of aluminum pulley causing slower startup speeds. Reduced wear on blower/drive assembly. Not damaged when belt slips. Lower maintenance expense. Yes No No
Cooling Fins on Bearing Housing Reduces operating temperature of bearing. Reduces operating temperature of bearing. Yes No Yes
PTFE Shaft Seal on Both Sides of Bearing Assembly PTFE shaft seal on both contaminants are the #1 cause of blower failure. Republic's proprietary seal design reduces blower failure over the competition. Longer blower life. Yes No No
High Performance Impeller Design The Republic Blower moves more air per rotation than the competition. This translates to lower operation speeds with equal performance and significantly increased blower life. Yes No Yes
Largest Tension Pulley Slower tension pulley speed greatly increases bearing life. Lower maintenance. Yes No No
Two Bearings on Tension Pulley with Seals to Stop Contaminants Longer life than the competition. Lower maintenance expense. Yes No No

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