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>Air Knife Drying Systems Product Information


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Please complete this form to receive a quote on an air knife system. You will receive a call from our sales team. 

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3. Product Finish: Smooth Surface  Textured   Holes  Pockets    Other:

4. How is your product transported?

5. Conveyor Type Roller  Belt   Chain  Overhead  Hoist   

6. If conveyed by a belt, is belt: Open  Closed  

7. Conveyor speed ft/min  m/min 

8. Line speed in parts per min  hr 

9. Conveyor width Conveyor height from floor

10. Production line speed in parts per min  hr  day 

11. Material to be removed from product

12. Product temperature Celcius  Fahrenheit 

13. Volume of liquid particulates to be removed High  Medium  Low 

14. What happens to the product after it passes through the air knife system?

15. Do you currently have any quality issues from inadequate drying systems?
Please describe.

16. Please describe current drying system.

17. Define drying requirements 75%  80%   85%  90%  95%    100%    Other

18. Is water mist/ overspray a concern? Yes No

19. Plant condition: Temperature Celcius  Fahrenheit     Altitude

20.  Will blower be exposed to (check all that apply): Water Dirt/ Debris    Other

21. Preferred air knife material Aluminum anodized 316 stainless steel

22. Is a part available for testing? Yes No

23. Can the blower be mounted within 10 feet of the air knives?

Yes   |   No (Please specify distance.) in  mm  

24. At what voltage does the plant application run? Voltage

25. At what frequency does the plant application run? 50 Hz 60Hz


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