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Wastewater goes through several processes before contaminants are adequately extracted, making the water safe for use or for proper disposal. Republic Regenerative Blowers (typically Double Stage Regenerative Blowers) are used in wastewater treatment facilities during the Secondary Phase of Treatment, also known as Biological Treatment of Wastewater. Republic Regenerative Blowers help to treat wastewater by aerating the water; this provides airflow to the bubblers, and thus provides oxygen to sustain the life of microorganisms, such as rotifers, that breakdown any remaining biological waste such as: bacteria, algae, and microbes inhabiting the wastewater after primary treatment.

Wastewater Treatment Blower Pressure Kits

Republic Manufacturing is your one-stop-shop for your wastewater aeration needs. Republic not only stocks a wide assortment of regenerative blowers that will support varying amounts of water, it also manufactures regenerative blower pressure kits. Pressure kits consist of relief valves, check valves, and filters, which will help lengthen the maintenance intervals of your regenerative blower.

Regenerative Blower Pressure Kit Accessories