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Regenerative Blower

Regenerative Blower Working Principle

Air or gas is pulled into a side channel (1) through the air inlet (2) and is accelerated by an impeller (3) rotating inside the impeller chamber (4). The resulting pressurized air or gas is discharged through the exhaust outlet (5). This type of operation is also known as a ring blower design.

1. Side Channel
2. Air Inlet
3. Impeller
4. Impeller Chamber
5. Exhaust Outlet

Republic Regenerative Blowers are available in single stage (one impeller), double stage (two impeller), or triple stage (three impeller) configurations. The impeller is directly connected to the motor shaft, providing powerful force without undue friction. The bearings are outside the compression chamber, ensuring maximum operational reliability under high differential pressure. This low-maintenance, oil-free design provides continuous, dependable service. Republic Regenerative Blowers are UL Certified.

Republic Standard Warranty

Republic Manufacturing warrants all finished Republic products to be free from functional defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of installation, or no longer than eighteen (18) months from shipment. Wear parts such as drive belts, filter elements, hoses and pulleys are not covered by the 12 to 18 month warranty. DISASSEMBLY OF BLOWER MAY VOID WARRANTY.

Functional Performance

  • Air Flow: from 33 cfm up to 777 cfm
  • Pressure Capacity: from 47" H2O up to 417" H2O
  • Vacuum Capacity: from 39" H2O up to 293" H2O

  • Options Available

    • Belt-Driven Bare Shaft Blowers
    • Explosion-Proof Motors
    • Direct Coupled Packages
    • Wash Down Motors
    • Enclosures

    Republic Regenerative Blowers are UL certified.