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Relief Valves

Republic Relief ValvesRepublic Relief Valves

The Republic Relief Valve is constructed of zinc-plated mild steel and is designed to protect blowers from overpressure in a blocked-off mode during vacuum or pressure operation. Each valve can be set by the customer to the desired vacuum or pressure level. Commonly used with Regenerative Blowers, Positive Displacement Blowers, and Rotary Vane Pumps.

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Size (FNPT) Part Number
 1.25" 200-0525
 1.50" 200-0510
 2.00" 200-0516
 2.50" 200-0518
 3.00" 200-0520
 4.00" 200-0527


Republic Weighted Relief Valves


Repubilc Weighted Relief Valve

Republic Weighted Relief Valves

The Republic Weighted Relief Valve is constructed of hard anodized aluminum and is designed to protect blowers from overpressure in a blocked-off mode. Each valve has available either 0.5 PSI incremental weights or 1.0 PSI increment weights. To adjust, remove snap ring, then add or remove weight plates.

These valves are available in 1, 1.5, 2, 3, or 4 inch sizes and have standard NPT connections for carefree operation and minimal maintenance.

Size (NPT) Part Number PSI Weight Increments Weight Part Number
 1.00"  210-3085A 0.5 psi 210-3085-03
 1.50"  210-3086A 0.5 psi 210-3086-03
 2.00"  210-3068A 0.5 psi 210-3068-03
1.0 psi 210-3068-05
 3.00"  210-3069A 0.5 psi 210-3069-03
1.0 psi 210-3069-05
 4.00"  210-3070A 0.5 psi 210-3070-03
1.0 psi 210-3070-05

***Relief Valve Body and Weights Sold Separately***

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