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Republic Centrifugal Blowers

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Centrifugal Air Advantages Applications Blower Specs Manuals/Literature

 Centrifugal Blower Working Principle

Republic Centrifugal Blower Working Principle

Centrifugal blowers provide a steady volume of air to supply energy-efficient pressure or vacuum.

Air enters at the center of a spinning impeller, and is divided between the impeller’s vanes. As the impeller turns, it accelerates the air outwards using centrifugal force. This high-velocity air is then diffused and slowed down in the surrounding blower housing to create pressure.  The pressure or vacuum offers a wide range of volumetric flows possible due to the geometry of the open impeller.





Advantages of Centrifugal Air

Centrifugal air is energy-efficient and inexpensive, especially when compared to compressed air as an alternative. Centrifugal blowers use much less horsepower to create flow, thus using less energy than compressed air. When replacing compressed air, centrifugal blowers can offer a payback of months or even weeks.

Republic Centrifugal Blowers are engineered to be robust and efficient, while easy to maintain. Drawing on over 50 years of blower and manufacturing experience, Republic's RB Series provides a highly effective stream of air for your air or gas handling requirements. The field-proven design generates a high velocity stream of air while the permanently grease-packed ceramic-hybrid ball bearings require no maintenance. Engineered, manufactured, and assemebled in Dallas, TX, USA Republic uses only the highest quality materials. The small footprint works well for low profile applications, as well.

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Industrial Blower and Air Knife Application Videos

Watch the difference between a superior Republic Air Knife Drying System and a competitor's system that doesn't quite get the job done (starting at :43 seconds).

Check out this Republic Air Knife Drying System, used for a Tile Drying Application. The system uses an RB1200HC. You can find more videos here.


Industries Served

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Bakery Applications for Centrifugal Blowers

Beverage Applications for Centrifugal Blowers

Chemical Applications for Centrifugal Blowers

Food Applications for Centrifugal Blowers

Medical Applications for Centrifugal Blowers







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Which Centrifugal Blower is ideal for my Application?

Our robust blower design is effiicient, durable and easy to maintain. Low energy consumption allows for increased production levels.

Review the specifications listed below to see which blower best fits your performance requirements. If you need assistance, call us at 214-631-8070 or click here.

Republic RB500 Centrifugal Blower



Horsepowers Available:

3 hp, 5 hp, 7.5 hp
Max Flow: 500 cfm
Max Pressure: 103 in.H2O
Max Vacuum: 80 in.H2O
Republic RB800 Centrifugal Blower


Horsepowers Available:

5 hp, 7.5 hp, 10 hp
Max Flow: 1,200 cfm
Max Pressure: 100 in.H2O
Max Vacuum: 79 in.H2O
Republic RB1200HC Centrifugal Blower


Horsepowers Available:

5 hp, 7.5 hp, 10 hp, 15 hp, 20 hp, 25 hp
Max Flow: 1,375 cfm
Max Pressure: 112 in.H2O
Max Vacuum: 98 in.H2O
Republic RB2000 Centrifugal Blower


Horsepowers Available:

20 hp, 25 hp, 30 hp
Max Flow: 2,050 cfm
Max Pressure: 105 in.H2O
Max Vacuum: 100 in.H2O
Republic RB2400 Centrifugal Blower


Horsepowers Available:

20 hp, 25 hp, 30 hp, 40 hp, 50 hp
Max Flow: 2,700 cfm
Max Pressure: 112 in.H2O
Max Vacuum: 80 in.H2O
Republic RB4002 Centrifugal Blower


Horsepowers Available:

40 hp, 50 hp, 60 hp, 75 hp
Max Flow: 3,100 cfm
Max Pressure: 170 in.H2O
Max Vacuum: 130 in.H2O


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