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Republic Manufacturing: 60 Years in the Making

In Business Since 1962

Travel back to the summer of 1962 in Dallas, TX. President Kennedy was in office, and Ray Charles could be heard on radios everywhere singing “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”  Women wore “lady-like” boxy skirt suits, and children ran freely through the neighborhood. James Goff and his sons Jimmy and George reinvigorated Southwestern Sheet Metal by incorporating a metal fabrication business called Republic Sheet Metal and Manufacturing Company.

Upon George’s death, the business passed to his son George. Wanting to keep the company legacy going, George brought his son Zach into the business in 1992. The company owned no computers, and all metal was cut by hand. George’s background was in distribution. He suggested that Republic start distributing industrial vacuum pumps – the company’s first line of equipment. As the distribution became more successful, Republic began distributing centrifugal blowers, air knives, positive displacement blowers, and regenerative blowers. As sales of the distributed items increased, Zach quickly realized that the company needed to begin repairing the pumps and blowers. Pretty soon, the distribution and repair business outpaced the fabricated metal.

Zach realized he consistently lost metal fabrication business to the competition due to price. After he learned that the competition was using CNC equipment, which allowed them to operate with lower costs, Republic invested in their first CNC equipment, thus ushering Republic into the modern era.

Republic Manufacturing 60 Year Timeline

The introduction of the CNC equipment opened a novel opportunity – Republic could manufacture their own centrifugal blowers and air knives. Zach hired the company’s first engineer who designed Republic’s first centrifugal blower, and the company began manufacturing air movement equipment supported by the metal fabrication business. Zach continued investing in the company’s equipment and people, and Republic’s manufactured product line expanded.

5131 Cash Road 1962 and 2022The heart of the Republic has always been rooted in its products. Over the years, Republic has learned that getting the products right requires the right tools, people, and processes.

Technology plays a massive role in the advancement of the company. Now equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, Zach’s many investments include Trumpf lasers, Trumpf TruBends, Mazak Mill Turns, Mazak Horizontal Machining Center, Mazak Vertical Machining Center, and Mazak Turning Centers, a powder coating booth, and Zeiss quality machines. Software such as Trumpf Boost, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and Ansys advances Republic’s capabilities beyond the mom & pop shop of the ’60s.

Increasing from 15 to over 115 employees creates its own set of challenges. To recruit the best talent possible, Zach invests in his employees through higher-learning courses, excellent 401K matching, attractive salaries, and complete benefits packages. Obtaining and retaining top talent is a key to Republic’s continued success.

The current biggest challenge for the company lies in new product development. Once a pipedream to manufacture advanced equipment, Republic embraces the difficulties in bringing new products to market – from design to distribution. Twenty years prior, Republic’s products were copies of existing technology. However, with the software and machinery to design and create unique parts and components, Republic is challenged to bring advancements to the marketplace. As Zach said, “If we can develop the claw pump (a vacuum pump requiring extreme precision), then we can do anything.”

Over the last 30 years of his employment at Republic, Zach has learned that there will always be significant problems in manufacturing. However, all of the issues eventually get solved. “We figure it out one way or another,” he says. With 60 years under its belt, Republic isn’t going anywhere. Manufacturing is alive and well at Republic Manufacturing in Dallas, TX.


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