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Republic Manufacturing Press Kit

Republic had its first annual Family Picnic in November of 2014. Republic invited employees and their families to Southern Cross Dude Ranch, for a day of family entertainment and fun!





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Includes photos and video of our employees assembling our products, as well as our logo. Company info and executive biographies are also included.



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Decreasing Residual Moisture
More corporations, like Miller Coors, are implementing leaner processes to cut operations costs. Their paper packaging is now thinner than what they used to be and as a result any residual water left on the cans that are packed into these boxes have a horrible affect on the package’s integrity. The package becomes warped, weak and unattractive. In turn, their customers’ perception of product quality is weakened, as well.

It was time for Miller Coors to update their drying systems to evolve with their new packaging. Our engineering team went to the drawing board and solved this residual moisture problem. Currently, their lines are moving approximately 1200 bottles per minute and are coming through the process with only .1 gram of residual moisture. We have solved their problem and this is something that we are quite proud of.

Drying Those Hard-To-Reach Spaces
One thing that we’ve found that works best for can drying solutions is our Republic Nozzle Air Knives. This air knife has a more concentrated airflow; therefore, it’s easier to dry those hard-to-reach spaces, such as the crevasses on the top and bottom of can products. This eliminates several possible problems, such as damage to packaging and crates, as well as rusting, which can cause product combustion during the shipping process.







Drop-In Solution
Several lines in the Sierra Nevada facility were not drying products properly. At that time, they were using compressed air and various other type of equipment. This led to issues with labeling and coating.

Through a distributor out of Los Angeles, California, we were able to design what is now our current production line of All-In-One Enclosures. We took our basic Air Knife Drying System and incorporated it into stainless steel unit. A blower is at the top of the unit, in a sound-enclosure. A Three Air Knife System is on the inside of the enclosure, to eliminate overspray, and is adjustable through a jackscrew and handles. It fit neatly into their existing line. Currently, Sierra Nevada has five units, three in Chico, CA and two in Fletcher, NC.



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Republic Manufacturing is a Family-Owned Company.


Past Press Kits

              2015 Pack Expo Press Kit

Includes promotional media for Pack Expo 2015, as well as featured product photos and B-Roll video. Our featured product will be showcased at booth #7350. most importantly our All-In-One Enclosure - the newest premium component to our Air Knife Drying Systems. After the tradeshow is over, we will provide photos and video of our demonstrations of the All-In-One Enclosure, performed on the tradeshow's floor during Pack Expo.