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MANN-FILTER Master Distributor

Industrial Air Filters, Vacuum Pump Filters, Air Oil Separators, Air Compressor Oil Filters

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MANN LogoThe products under the MANN-FILTER brand name cover more than 95 percent of the market in original equipment quality and high delivery capability. In aftermarket, MANN-FILTER now sells more than 2,200 different filters and filter elements.

MANN-FILTER filters are developed in close cooperation with leading engine Manufacturers. As original equipment in their engines, the MANN-FILTER brand is manufacturer recommented for service to their customers.

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Vacuum Filters
Air/Oil Separators
Gap Type Self-Cleaning Filters
Spin-On Filters
EDM Filters
Air Filters
Marine Filters

 Vacuum FiltersVacuum Filters

Application: Vacuum Pumps

  • Flow rates to 1100 CFM
  • Features traditional metal canisters and new lightweight plastic versions.
  • Housing is vacuum tight to 28"Hg
  • Filter elements provide 99.9 percent efficiency at 3 micron


MANN Air-Oil SeparatorAir/Oil Separators

Applications: Tank and In-line Coalescing Filters for Screw Compressors, Sliding-Vane Compressors, Scroll Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

  • Separator efficiency of 1 to 3 ppm
  • Upright and upside down installation of spin-on separators
  • Depth separators can decrease tank sizes by half


MANN Gap FiltersGap Type Self-Cleaning Filters

Applications: For Filtration of Slightly or Very Viscous Fluids such as Water, Paints, Polyhydric Alcohols, Isocyanate, and Cooling Lubricants used in Machinery Construction, Large-Size Engines, Chemical Industries, Food Industries, Metal-Cutting Machinery and other Industrial Areas

  • Flow rates to 3500 gpm
  • Operating pressures to 580 psi
  • Geared motors available for continuous cleaning


MANN Spin-On FiltersSpin-On Filters

Applications: For Filtration of Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Fluids and Fuels in Engines, Machines and Hydraulic Systems

  • Flow rates to 145 gpm
  • Operating pressures to 510 psi
  • Bypass and anti-return valves available

Spin-on oil filters form one unit consisting of housing and filter element. The whole unit is replaced during maintenance.
The following can be integrated:

Anti-drain valve: Ensures that the filter and oil channels do not empty when the engine is switched off and that oil is readily available when the engine is started.
Bypass valve: Ensures that oil is available when the engine is cold started and when a service is long overdue if the oil filter is very dirty.
Wrench removal tools: Ensure that you can remove and fit a spin-on oil filter quickly and efficiently.


MANN EDM FiltersEDM Filters

Applications: Wire and Cavity-Sinking EDM Machines

  • Superfine filtration to 3 micron
  • Pressure differential of 50 psi
  • Large filtration surface ensures a long service life
  • Metal-free filter elements are corrosion-proof and offer easy disposal

The demands made on EDM filters for wire and sink erosion are constantly rising. That is why you should rely on the quality of MANN-FILTER products. Years of development and expertise and close cooperation with machine producers have made MANN what they are today - experts for the filtration of dielectric fluids in EDM Machines.

View the MANN-FILTER Metal EDM Filters Catalogue
MANN-FILTER H 15 Series in Plastic


MANN Air FiltersAir Filters

Applications: Single and Two-Stage Air Filters for Engines, Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Construction Equipment, Ag Machinery and other Industrial Applications

  • Flow rates to 2800 cfm
  • 99.9 percent efficiency at 3 microns
  • Europiclon, Picolino and Picolight offer the latest in metal free, corrosion-proof, and environmentally-friendly air filtration technology

Modern MANN-FILTER media for air filters demonstrate particularly high mechanical stability. They filter the intake air efficiently and reliably. This allows optimum composition of the air/fuel mix and ensures consistent engine performance. With high-quality air filters, fuel consumption is reduced b 3-4%, if the filter is changed regularly.

MANN-FILTER air filters have numerous important functions. They filter destructive particles such as dust, pollen, sand, soot or even drops of water out of the intake air. They ensure that only clean air gets into the combustion chamber. MANN-FILTER air filters also prevent damage caused in various ways to electronic components such as highly delicate sensors (hot-film air flow meters). MANN-FILTER air filters have other important functions:

  • Lessen intake noise
  • Control temperature regulation
  • Seal off adjacent components

MANN-FILTER is setting new standards for the air filtration of tomorrow with its air filter solutions.


MANN Marine FiltersMarine Filters

Applications: Ocean and other Marine Vessels (Barges, Cargo Ships, Cruise Liners, Tugboats, etc.)

  • Oil, hydraulic and fuel filters
  • Pleated paper air filters and wet air filters
  • Bypass filters, high pressure filters (to 5800 psi) and self-cleaning filters

Click here to access the MANN-FILTER Marine cross reference catalogue.

MANN-FILTER for marine engines meets the regulations applied by companies such as Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Register of Shipping, and others.

View the MANN-FILTER Marine Filter cross reference for Yanmar Marine Supplement.

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