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Central Vacuum Systems





Or call 1.800.847.0380 to order your customized central system.


Central Vacuum Systems for Medical Use

Care for your patients around-the-clock. For zero down-time,
invest in a central system that is NFPA99 compliant and
customizable to fit your hospital's operational needs.

Customizable Features

  •     Remote Monitor: Monitor and control system from mobile phone
  •     Alarms: System notifies user of specific maintenance needs
  •     Auto Purge
  •     Expandable
  •     Honeywell Compatible

 Services Provided to You

  •     Replacement Pumps Available for Immediate Delivery
  •     18 Month Warranty
  •     Easy-To-Use Interface
  •     Repair & Maintenance
  •     Replacement Parts In-Stock
  •     24-hour Emergency Service


Central Vacuum Systems for Industrial Use

With Republic Central Systems, you have the option to run operations
around-the-clock. For zero down-time,investin a central system that
is customizable to fit your operating needs.
Services Provided to You

  •     Customizable Features
  •     Expandable
  •     Replacement Pumps Available for Immediate Delivery
  •     18 Month Warranty
  •     Repair & Maintenance
  •     Replacement Pumps and Other parts In-Stock
  •     24-hour Emergency Service


Industries Served

Republic is your source for a number of pumps and compressors, most notably Dry Running Rotary Vane Pumps and Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps. Republic Central Vacuum Systems provide application solutions for several industries. These are just a few of those applications:

Chemical Plants Food Medical

-Cooling and degassing
-Vacuum distillation
-Molecular evaporation
-Moisture removal
-Drying without additional heat

-Bottling and filling
-Removing and evacuating air

-Waste removal
-Vacuum tools
-Product suction



Rotary Vane Pumps

Replacement pumps are readily available and in-stock for your urgent need.



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